Obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD, is a mental illness that affects millions of individuals worldwide. Those with OCD experience intrusive, recurring thoughts or obsessions, which trigger compulsive, repetitive actions or behaviors in response. These obsessions can range from fears of contamination to worries about personal safety, while compulsive behaviors can involve repetitive hand-washing, excessive cleaning, hoarding, and other rituals. Living with OCD can be incredibly debilitating, as these individuals often spend countless hours each day performing rituals in an attempt to alleviate their anxiety. OCD can cause individuals to feel isolated and unable to enjoy everyday activities due to the constant interference of their obsessive thoughts. It is important to recognize the impact that OCD can have on a person’s mental health and seek professional help early on.
At the Brain Health Center we are among the first to receive and utilize a new advanced TMS coil specifically designed for treating OCD. The coil was FDA approved this year (2023) after extensive testing.

Treatments for OCD are around 30 sessions, one treatment a day, Mon-Fri. The last week may have more frequent treatments. Treatments are +/- 20 minutes in length.

Brain Health Center: OCD Treatment

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