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Brain Health Center is a provider of advanced mental health assessments and treatments. Our assessments are data driven. Our treatments center in transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). Our services are directly available to any patient seeking improved mental wellness.

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We exist to improve mental wellness now. We provide an elevated solution for patients who struggle with a variety of mental wellness barriers. First, we work to provide you with your individualized objective data, at no charge, so you’re better equipped to make educated mental wellness decisions. Second, we’ve specialized to provide the absolute best patient outcomes in one specific approach: TMS. Importantly, no one does TMS like us.

TMS Simplified

The brain has many networks that are constantly communicating. Sometimes these networks are lacking certain things and even end up out of sync. For example, sometimes a network doesn’t reset often enough (OCD), sometimes a network resets too often (ADHD). TMS is a way to provide energy directly to the brain, so that the brain can rebuild and reset what is needed.

This is why TMS can be long lasting. The brain is actually rebuilding and reconnecting what it needs, using the energy TMS provides.

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What is TMS?

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For many of our friends seeking wellness, TMS is an incredible solution. Get started now with our team.