Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of mental illness do you treat?

We offer TMS treatments to patients with a variety of mental wellness challenges. Some of these include depression (or MDD), anxiety, insomnia, OCD, ADHD, PTSD, ASD, postpartum depression, Bipolar, panic disorders, and suicide ideation.

Are your treatments available to children and teens?

Yes, we are unique in this. Our specific equipment and trained staff allow us to make these treatments more universally available. Generally children need to be 8+. Some exceptions may apply.

What if I don’t have a formal diagnosis?

No problem. Many of our patients reach out because they want help with their wellness even though they haven’t been formally diagnosed with anything.  

Are TMS treatments FDA Approved?

Yes. Using TMS to treat depression (MDD) has been FDA approved and rigorously tested for over 10 years. Excitingly, many new treatment protocols for additional mental health conditions have been tested and FDA approved in the last several years. 

How do your TMS treatments work?

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) relies on the Faraday principle. We apply a specific and targeted magnetic field to select parts of the brain from the outside, and the brain internally converts that magnetic field into a current; providing the brain with added energy to do important things like reconnect neurons. One important consequence of this targeted stimulation is increased brain connectivity in and among core brain networks. A breakdown in network connectivity is a serious barrier to wellness. A common brain network central to many of our treatments at the Brain Health Center is the Executive Network. Many of our treatments involve stimulations to the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex, the Executive Networks primary hub.

What are TMS treatments like?

With no side-effects, no medications, and healing that lasts it’s an amazing solution for those who benefit! While some patients experience discomfort during treatment, many simply describe it as a unique sensation. Most sessions are +/- 4 minutes in length. Some patients need as few as 9 sessions, while others require 30+. Happily, the majority of patients who receive treatments at the Brain health Center, benefit!

How long before I notice the benefits of your TMS treatments?

Most patients begin to feel the difference with our treatments in just a few days! But for some, it can take a few weeks. There’s a lot of factors and everyones different.

Is TMS always effective?

No. However, our pre screening protocols help us narrow down who will benefit before the first treatment is ever given. At the Brain Health Center we’re serious about elevating mental wellness and only want to treat those who have a real chance of benefiting. We’re ready to help you figure out those critical decisions.

Is TMS safe?

Yes, completely. There are no persisting side effects or impairments. TMS has been around for a very long time, with hundreds of thousands of administered treatments. New technology and new protocols have recently made it far more effective, but the treatment itself is time-tested and proven to be completely safe.

Is anyone precluded from receiving TMS?

Anyone who has had metal placed in the head or brain is not a candidate for TMS.

Do I have to have a referral from a doctor?

No. While many patients are referred to us by providers, we are happy to meet with, educate, and provide treatment to anyone who wants to improve their mental wellness. 

Why is the Brain Health Center so much better?

TMS is not one of many services and treatments we try to offer patients. Instead, modern TMS is all we do. We specialize to ensure it’s done exceptionally well.  You’ll notice the difference the minute you come to see us for a quick tour. We’re passionate about elevating mental wellness!

Is this covered by insurance?

Yes, it can be. Some patients have their treatments completely covered. Others do not and must pay out-of-pocket for treatments. We’re happy to help you figure this out.

How much does it cost?

There are no out-of-pocket costs for our pre-treatment screening services; this includes providing you a QEEG scan, brain mapping, etc. We do this to ensure that every patient that comes to the Brain Health Center for help receives the information they deserve… before spending money. For some patients, insurance covers 100% of the treatment. Treatment plans vary and can have a range spanning several thousand dollars. A TMS session for a cash paying patient can average as low as $80 per session.

Who’s the doctor there?

As the premier provider of TMS treatments in the State we work with a lot of providers. Is there a specific provider you’re wondering about? Let’s chat. If you don’t currently have a mental health provider, that’s fine! Come in, you’ll love our professionals.

How long have you been around?

Our team members have been in the mental wellness space for a long time. We’re as new and as old as the modern applications and protocols. Yes, all our team members are TMS certified.

What brand is your TMS equipment?

We use equipment from several top manufactures. The parent company for our standard TMS machines is Soterix. We never use NeuroStar or Brainsway TMS equipment.

What is a brain map?
At the Brain Health Center we offer our patients a dry QEEG. This allows us to gather important data about the electrical activity of your brain. We take this data and perform advanced modeling which gives us insight into various aspects of the brain including connectivity and communication, phase shifts and locks, frequency ranges, etc. Some of this data can be mapped out, to provide a visual representation of how your brain operates. We compare and contrast your data against other normative databases and groups to provide additional insight into what you’re experiencing and feeling.
Why do you offer brain mapping at no charge?
Brain Health Center was founded to help those seeking improved mental wellness. Objective data about how your brain is currently operating is an important step in understanding and facing your wellness condition. In order to remove as many barriers as possible, for as many people as possible we provide this $1,500 service at no charge. You do NOT have to commit to any other services or treatments with us.
Why are suicidal ideation treatments free?

At the Brain Health Center, no one fights alone. 

Suicidal ideation is the most serious mental wellness condition anyone can face. When struggling with other wellness conditions, you may win some battles and lose others, but you’re always free to fight for wellness again the next day. Suicidal ideation is uniquely difficult and serious because losing just a single fight against this condition is devastating.

One loss is too many. This is why we offer our suicidal ideation treatments completely free of charge. No barriers to help. Just healing.

It’s Time To Heal

For many of our friends seeking wellness, TMS is an incredible solution. Get started now with our team.