Jacob Bishop, MD - Board Certified Psychiatrist at Brain Health Center

Jacob Bishop, MD

Jacob Bishop, MD, is an experienced Board-certified psychiatrist who completed a triple-board residency at the University of Kentucky in pediatrics, child/adolescent psychiatry, and adult psychiatry.

Dr. Bishop’s practice, Brain Health Center, provides expert support and compassionate care for men, women, and children living in Lexington, Kentucky. He specializes in transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), a painless, non-invasive therapy designed to ease the symptoms of distressing mental health disorders while avoiding unwanted side effects of medications and other procedures.

Dr. Bishop attended medical school at the University of Mississippi. Following graduation, he completed a highly prestigious Triple Board residency in Psychiatry, Child Psychiatry, and Pediatrics. He currently practices psychiatry and child psychiatry in multiple settings. As part of his mission to provide integrative psychiatric care, he incorporates multiple aspects of procedural psychiatry in his treatment plans, including TMS, ECT, and esketamine.

His experience as an integrative psychiatrist led Dr. Bishop to pursue non-traditional ways to help people who don’t respond to routine therapies, choose not to take medications, or cannot tolerate the adverse side effects of medications and other procedures. He developed expertise in neuromodulation to treat depression and other conditions. TMS is part of a broader approach to treating the whole person integratively. Because improving mental health requires treating the whole person, Dr. Bishop and his team of specialists will address other potential influences on your well-being, including sleep, exercise, diet, and genetic contributions.

Dr. Bishop has considerable expertise and experience in using TMS as a safe and effective treatment option for many patients. He has seen patients rebuild their lives and flourish after successful TMS therapy, and he hopes to change the lives of many more people in the years to come.