Traveling Patients

People from all over the world have come to our center for their TMS treatment.

We offer the lowest TMS treatment rates in the country! Our specialized facility is designed primarily for distant patients. Many come from out of state to enjoy our advanced treatments and unparalleled wellness experience. When you factor in travel and lodging expenses, you still spend less by receiving your TMS therapy at the Brain Health Center, located in St. George, Utah.

In addition, we are the only clinic in the nation that offers patients a private day suite for their accelerated treatment week. During the day at the Center, you can relax and rest in between your hourly treatments. Your private day suite for the week includes: TV with streaming, high-speed wifi internet, unlimited snacks and drinks, and your lunch orders are delivered daily. Even better, all of this is complimentary, you only pay for your treatments.

We offer the accelerated TMS depression treatment for our traveling patients. Patients receive 50 treatments over 5 days; also known as the FDA approved SNT protocol. Starting at 8 am and ending at 5 pm, patients receive 10 treatments a day for 5 days. Research has shown that the results are better with the 5 day treatment compared to the standard TMS treatment that takes two months to complete.

You deserve to feel better from the inside out and get real relief from your mental health challenges. Now accepting accelerated TMS patients ages 15 & up. Contact us today.

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State of the Art Facility

  • World-class facility designed for the best TMS experience.
  • Most advanced TMS technology available.
  • Lowest TMS rates in the country.
  • Complimentary private day suites including lunches and amenities.
  • Lower costs traveling to our Center for treatment.
  • Beautiful destination with 5 hotels and 16 restaurants within walking distance.

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For many of our friends seeking wellness, TMS is an incredible solution. Get started now with our team.