PTSD is a disabling mental health disorder. Short for post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD develops as a consequence of being involved in or witnessing an event you find deeply disturbing or harrowing. Brain Health Center is a proud supporter of veterans and changing the lives of those affected by PTSD. You can learn more about what treatment options are helpful for veterans here.

Typically these events are extreme situations such as being in a war zone, a building that’s on fire, or a serious car accident. However, trauma is uniquely personal, and what one person finds deeply traumatic may differ a great deal from how the same experience would affect someone else.

It’s also possible to develop PTSD after prolonged trauma, such as years of childhood abuse or spousal abuse.

While it’s natural to experience shock after a traumatic event, PTSD causes severe symptoms that don’t improve as time passes. Having PTSD can seriously affect your ability to work, study, or maintain relationships. People who have PTSD often become withdrawn and turn to drugs or alcohol to mask their pain.