A typical TMS therapy session at Brain Health Center takes about 3 to 20 minutes. The series of brief treatments occurs five days a week for about 6 weeks in order to achieve the maximum benefit and long-lasting effects from your treatment. In some cases, maintenance treatments are recommended.
Brain Health Center is unique in that its doctors use the latest TMS technology – Theta Burst – which allows for multiple brief treatments in one day, leading to potentially more rapid response and recovery.

Drs. Bishop and Gager and the TMS technicians take specific measurements to precisely tailor treatment for each patient. They then measure your precise motor threshold, which is the benchmark for determining the energy levels needed to stimulate your brain.

Drs. Bishop and Gager adjust the TMS settings accordingly before administering the treatment. You might be aware of some clicking sounds or tapping sensations during the session, but you shouldn’t feel any discomfort. The intensity will be adjusted according to your comfort level.
After your TMS session, you can return to your regular activities without any need for downtime. Patients typically report a lessening of their symptoms by 75% or more, and around 50% of patients report experiencing full recovery after TMS treatment.
To arrange a consultation with Dr. Bishop and Dr. Gager, call Brain Health Center today, or book an appointment online.
*Results are not guaranteed and patient experience may vary based on many factors. Brain Health Center PSC does not claim that TMS can diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition, neurocognitive disorder, or disease of a given patient.